Everything You Are is Hanging out with the Cool Kids in the Kindle Store

Hanging with the cool kids.png

I’m not much of a squealer and I’m at a conference in a hotel room, so screaming out loud is NOT a good idea right now. I am totally screaming inside, though, with excitement and joy and some serious disbelief.

If you’d told me a few years ago that any book of mine would be at the top of the Amazon charts, rubbing elbows with Stephen King, Margaret Atwood and Patricia Cornwell — I would have laughed at you.

But today, this is totally a thing. Do you think maybe they saw my cover and know that I exist? Or are they above checking their placement in the rankings? I’m imagining Margaret Atwood having a look and saying, “Oh, what a pretty cover! I wonder who this Kerry Anne King might be?”

Hey, I’m a writer. I have a BIG imagination!

What awesome thing can you imagine for yourself and your life today?

Kerry SchaferComment