Book Love: Survivor's Guide to Family Happiness

I just finished this book and loved it. So, in the spirit of holiday giving, I'm passing it on. There may be some thematic similarities to the book I am currently writing - which is, of course, all a big secret as of yet.

The Survivor's Guide to Family HappinessThe Survivor's Guide to Family Happiness by Maddie Dawson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Utterly charming! I inhaled this book, and wish it hadn't ended. Let's begin with the wonderful characters. I love them all, but Nina and Indigo are two of my favorite ever book characters to date. Nina, the narrator, is so delightfully funny and flawed and irrepressible. I want to be friends with her, honestly. I want to read her grocery list. Basically, I'd read anything written in this voice. In addition to the fabulous characters, this book has mystery, romance, tragedy, hope and healing, all in the appropriate dosages. Highly recommended. In fact, I read on Kindle but I'm going to require the paperback for my shelf.

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