Brandon Schafer

Brandon Schafer

Copyright Brandon and Kerry Schafer

Lead vocals and guitar: Brandon Schafer

Back up vocals and cello: Keadrin Cain

whisper me this, the song

Whisper Me This was still known as "the book without a title" at the time I sent it in to my editor at Lake Union. We'd tossed around possible ideas but still hadn't landed on anything that would stick.

One day I was helping my Viking take the first layer of grime off of the '49 Studebaker Landcruiser he'd recently purchased. Generally I'm not much into cars, but this car is gorgeous. There was great satisfaction in watching the beauty of the original paint emerge with my rubbing, but let's face it -- I was also rather bored. 

Being bored is often good for me. This sort of repetitive activity provides the perfect conditions for book ideas to present themselves to my writer brain. So while I worked I was mulling the fact that something was missing from the book in addition to the title. As I rubbed, and mulled, the lyrics started downloading into my head as if they'd just been sitting around somewhere, drinking coffee and socializing, waiting for the right moment to reveal themselves.

I took a break and ran for my laptop, transcribing what was coming to me.

Later, I polished up the words and added them into the story, where they not only provided resonance for some of the themes but also finally gave me the title of the book. 

Still, they were only words on paper. Bringing them fully to life required music.


It just so happens that my youngest son, Brandon, is a brilliant song writer and musician. Normally he plays rock, but I called him and asked if he would think about writing a song to go with my book. 

"It's more of a lullabye," I explained. "Acoustic guitar, not electric."

He said he'd think about it. 

A week later, Brandon came to the release party for my current book at the time, I Wish You Happy and provided acoustic music for the event. Much to my surprise, he also played the song Whisper Me This! The Viking had talked to him about writing this music long before I did, and the two of them conspired to surprise me!

I was surprised, all right. I stood there listening with tears rolling down my face. This was one of the best gifts I've ever received. Plus - I LOVE this song. I still tend to tear up every time I hear it.

And now I get to share the song with you, which makes it even better.

I hope you love it as I do. Feel free to download, listen and share.