When Lise Redding’s estranged sister, country-pop star Callie Redfern, is killed during a publicity stunt gone wrong, the small-town music teacher is dragged from her quiet life into the spotlight.

Lise hasn’t spoken with Callie in ten years, ever since Callie’s unforgivable betrayal split them apart, so she’s shocked to discover that she’s inherited most of her sister’s massive estate. Not only that, but she’s now the guardian of her sixteen-year-old niece, Ariel, to whom she’s practically a stranger.

Overwhelmed by grief and her new responsibilities, Lise thinks things couldn’t get worse. But overnight she becomes the paparazzi’s latest obsession, and suddenly she and her longtime friend Dale are plastered over the front pages of the tabloids. Desperate to escape both the media and her memories, Lise sets off with Ariel on a search for Ariel’s father. But instead of granting Lise a reprieve, the quest brings her face to face with long buried secrets that tear her world apart. Only by learning to forgive will she be able to find her way back home.

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