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Want to know a secret about Everything You Are?

I love secrets.

At least, I love the moment when I actually get to share them! But the secret keeping part, where I know something super fun but I have to wait to tell people drives me crazy! I feel like a little kid doing the potty dance - you know how they bounce up and down trying to hold everything in? It’s like that!

When I got my very first book deal back in 2011, the publisher asked me to wait a few days to talk about it and I seriously thought I was going to explode. All I wanted to do back then was jump up and down and shout: “I’m actually getting a book published!”

And now I want to shout—

Wait. I’m not doing that.

But, if you join me for a Coffee Party on Sunday, September 1st, at 9 am PT, I will definitely tell you all about it. I also promise not to shout, so there’s no need to bring ear plugs!

We’ll meet in a zoom room where you can chat with me and other readers. I’ll spill my secret, and then we can all hang out for a bit and talk about books and life and cats before returning to our regularly scheduled weekend. Oh - be sure to bring your own coffee, or tea, or whatever beverage makes you happy.

AND I will give away a signed copy of Everything You Are to somebody who comes to play with me.

Sound like fun?


But here’s the thing: make sure you’re signed up for my newsletter, because only the inner-circle readers will get the password that will let you into the party! You can also sign up for the event here on Facebook, but it’s not required.

Watch for my email next week to make sure you have the link and the password and are all set to go, but mark your calendar now.

And join the inner circle before you forget!

Oh - one more thing! If you missed the Create a Story Live event it was super fun! You can read the story we created here. Who knew there would be vampires? That wasn’t me. I swear. Well, okay, it was a little bit me. You can also watch the replay here, but you might want to skip ahead about 15 minutes from the beginning.

Have a fantastic day, and I’ll be back with more soon. In the meantime, I do have to show you a pic of the box of author copies of Everything You Are that arrived at my house!

If you could wish somebody happy, who would it be?
“You can’t wish somebody happy, Rae.” 

I can, I want to tell him. I do. Every day. Not that it works, as far as I can tell. But it’s something, the only response I can make to the heartbreak and suffering floating around in the emotional atmosphere.
— I Wish You Happy

 Rae, the empathic, animal loving main character in my new novel, I Wish You Happy, makes special trips to the river so she can skip stones into the water, each one carrying a happy wish for someone who needs it. 

In honor of Rae's belief that maybe wishes really can alter the reality around us, even just a little, I'd like to introduce a different kind of contest - one in which you enter to win a prize for somebody else.

Here's how it works.

Between July 1st through 7th, I will give away one signed physical copy of I Wish You Happy daily. To enter, just post a picture of yourself with your copy of I Wish You Happy (ebook or physical), to Twitter or Facebook, hashtag it #mywishyouhappy, and also tag the person you will give the book to if you win. Multiple entries encouraged - just put up a new post and tag a different person!

Each evening between July 1st through 7th,  I will randomly choose a winner. The person who was tagged by the winner gets the book. The participating winner will be entered into a grand prize drawing. On July 8th, I will choose a grand prize winner out of the seven finalists for this prize:

GRAND PRIZE: $500 to go to an animal rescue or mental health nonprofit of your choice, PLUS this beautiful little wishing pot for making your own wishes.


Pre-order now so you have a book in your possession for photo opportunities (or borrow one from a friend) and be ready to start wishing the world a happier place on July 1st! Don't forget the #mywishyouhappy so I can find your entries!

Inevitable Fine Print, left big enough so you can read it: International participants welcome. Must be 18 or older to win. I reserve the right of determining whether the non-profit selected fits the designated limits, and will mail the money directly to the organization. Purchase not necessary to enter. All winners must respond to notification within 7 days or forfeit their prize.

Epic #LakeUnionAuthors Twitter Party

If you are a Twitterer, you might just want to put Tuesday March 7 on your calendar.


I'll tell you why. 

Over 30 amazing authors (including me) will be hanging out on Twitter under the #LakeUnionAuthor hashtag, and each one is offering up a giveaway!!

As if that wasn't awesome enough all by itself, these authors are fun. They are smart. They are witty. They come from all walks of life and will be there to entertain, interact, and answer questions.

The festivities begin at 4:30 EST. I'll be showing up diva late at 8:15 EST, or at least that's when I'll be around FOR SURE. I'll probably pop in and out before then, for fear of missing out on the fun.

I will be giving away winner's choice of a signed paperback copy of Closer Home or an audio MPE copy or a CD Boxed set.

If you don't Twitter, you still have a chance to win. Check back here on the 7th for entry details. Or, you know, start twittering! I'm @kerry_anne_king. Come find me.