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Want to know a secret about Everything You Are?

I love secrets.

At least, I love the moment when I actually get to share them! But the secret keeping part, where I know something super fun but I have to wait to tell people drives me crazy! I feel like a little kid doing the potty dance - you know how they bounce up and down trying to hold everything in? It’s like that!

When I got my very first book deal back in 2011, the publisher asked me to wait a few days to talk about it and I seriously thought I was going to explode. All I wanted to do back then was jump up and down and shout: “I’m actually getting a book published!”

And now I want to shout—

Wait. I’m not doing that.

But, if you join me for a Coffee Party on Sunday, September 1st, at 9 am PT, I will definitely tell you all about it. I also promise not to shout, so there’s no need to bring ear plugs!

We’ll meet in a zoom room where you can chat with me and other readers. I’ll spill my secret, and then we can all hang out for a bit and talk about books and life and cats before returning to our regularly scheduled weekend. Oh - be sure to bring your own coffee, or tea, or whatever beverage makes you happy.

AND I will give away a signed copy of Everything You Are to somebody who comes to play with me.

Sound like fun?


But here’s the thing: make sure you’re signed up for my newsletter, because only the inner-circle readers will get the password that will let you into the party! You can also sign up for the event here on Facebook, but it’s not required.

Watch for my email next week to make sure you have the link and the password and are all set to go, but mark your calendar now.

And join the inner circle before you forget!

Oh - one more thing! If you missed the Create a Story Live event it was super fun! You can read the story we created here. Who knew there would be vampires? That wasn’t me. I swear. Well, okay, it was a little bit me. You can also watch the replay here, but you might want to skip ahead about 15 minutes from the beginning.

Have a fantastic day, and I’ll be back with more soon. In the meantime, I do have to show you a pic of the box of author copies of Everything You Are that arrived at my house!