If you could wish somebody happy, who would it be?

“You can’t wish somebody happy, Rae.” 

I can, I want to tell him. I do. Every day. Not that it works, as far as I can tell. But it’s something, the only response I can make to the heartbreak and suffering floating around in the emotional atmosphere.
— I Wish You Happy

 Rae, the empathic, animal loving main character in my new novel, I Wish You Happy, makes special trips to the river so she can skip stones into the water, each one carrying a happy wish for someone who needs it. 

In honor of Rae's belief that maybe wishes really can alter the reality around us, even just a little, I'd like to introduce a different kind of contest - one in which you enter to win a prize for somebody else.

Here's how it works.

Between July 1st through 7th, I will give away one signed physical copy of I Wish You Happy daily. To enter, just post a picture of yourself with your copy of I Wish You Happy (ebook or physical), to Twitter or Facebook, hashtag it #mywishyouhappy, and also tag the person you will give the book to if you win. Multiple entries encouraged - just put up a new post and tag a different person!

Each evening between July 1st through 7th,  I will randomly choose a winner. The person who was tagged by the winner gets the book. The participating winner will be entered into a grand prize drawing. On July 8th, I will choose a grand prize winner out of the seven finalists for this prize:

GRAND PRIZE: $500 to go to an animal rescue or mental health nonprofit of your choice, PLUS this beautiful little wishing pot for making your own wishes.


Pre-order now so you have a book in your possession for photo opportunities (or borrow one from a friend) and be ready to start wishing the world a happier place on July 1st! Don't forget the #mywishyouhappy so I can find your entries!

Inevitable Fine Print, left big enough so you can read it: International participants welcome. Must be 18 or older to win. I reserve the right of determining whether the non-profit selected fits the designated limits, and will mail the money directly to the organization. Purchase not necessary to enter. All winners must respond to notification within 7 days or forfeit their prize.